Apr 15
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Commercial Auto

Downtime for your commercial vehicles is more than an inconvenience—it’s lost profit. That’s why our commercial auto coverage and service get you back on the road fast. We know what you really want is to keep your vehicles on the road All the services Solar Insure offers are designed around... read more →
Apr 01
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Twenty-five years ago the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported a total of only 1,787 employment practices complaints. By 1998, the number had climbed to over 115,000. Today, employment-related lawsuits are still on the rise due to new federal and state legislation, expanding judicial interpretations and widespread media coverage. Companies... read more →
Mar 19
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Solar Performance Guarantee

A Solar Insure production warranty gives homeowners the confidence that their system will perform as expected. Typically, solar design engineers predict the amount of energy your solar panel system should be producing each year. This assumption is based on your geographical location, weather trends, shading, the type of solar system... read more →
Feb 05
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Insurance Claims Tips for Your Business

Unfortunately, even the best-run business can experience accidents, thefts or other losses. While insurance provides important protection in case of a covered loss, you can take some simple steps before and during the claim process to facilitate an efficient resolution. Have Important Information Ready Inspect and inventory your property. As... read more →
Feb 04
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Solar Renewable Energy

Solar as a source of renewable energy is an extremely effective and efficient energy source.  Photovoltaic cells convert light from the sun directly into electricity.  The term photovoltaic comes from the Greek term "photo" meaning light, and "voltaic" meaning voltage.  In 1954 Bell Labs dicovered that photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic Cell Construction Photovoltaic... read more →
Jan 05
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Our culture at Solar Insure is very unique. We offer a dynamic work environment where everyone shares common goals and teamwork is paramount. Commitment to Excellence Our employees enjoy and are proud to be part of an organization that is committed to providing outstanding customer service to its clients. Solar... read more →
Jan 05
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Our Partners

Solar Insure only works with the highest-rated solar installers in the industry. Becoming a Solar Insure certified installation partner signifies adherence to the industry's highest quality and reliability standards. Our thorough vetting process evaluates all prospective partners across key benchmarks essential for consumer protection and workmanship excellence. Checks include: Contractor... read more →
Oct 16
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Solar Gadgets

As everyone waits for the world to embrace solar energy on a massive scale, most of us have forgotten to notice how solar energy has affected our lives in simpler ways. Everyone has come across a small four-paneled solar cell in an uninspiring product. We hardly notice this as it... read more →
Jul 07
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Arizona Solar Incentive Programs

Summary of Arizona Solar Incentives ·Federal Tax Credit 30% ·State Tax Credit: 25% residential ·6 Utility Rebate Programs Arizona has become one of the foremost states for solar since its Renewable Energy Standard was instituted alongside a solar sales tax exemption in the early 2000s. Arizona gets a lot of... read more →