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Solar Insure Certified Installer Program

Offer exclusive products to your homeowners that are only eligible for Solar Insure Certified Installers

Solar Insure Partner

Solar Insure partners go through a formal application process and must demonstrate their ability, safety record, credit check, background check and experience to become a Certified Installer. Once approved, Certified Installers become qualified to include Solar Insure’s Monitoring and Warranty products throughout their organizational processes.

By continuously delivering top-rated solar and battery installations and services, our vetted Certified Installers can work up the ranks from a Certified Installer to Preferred Installer and Elite Installer.

Certified and Certified Elite Installers

  • Are Vetted and Approved by passing the Solar Insure Vetting Process
  • Provide top-tier customer support
  • We vet and qualify only quality manufacturers on our AVL. We check their production rates, so you don’t have to.
  • Homeowners are protected starting from the installation
  • Solar Insure has loss ratios per company to make sure they are staying within Solar Insure Parameters and have a low claims rate

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