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Shining Light on Solar Insure- What it is, and What it’s not

Shining Light on Solar Insure: What it is, and What it’s not

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As solar rapidly advances to become mainstream, homeowners and commercial property owners face the challenge of making informed decisions about their solar energy investment. While the benefits of solar energy are evident, understanding how to protect that investment can be more complex. This article aims to shed light on Solar Insure and explain why many are increasingly choosing our monitoring and warranty products to safeguard their solar and battery systems.

What is Solar Insure?

Solar Insure offers monitoring and warranty products, such as the popular 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty and 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty, to provide the best protection installers can deliver for homeowners and commercial buildings. As the leading provider of solar monitoring and protection solutions, Solar Insure’s mission is to safeguard renewable energy investments, support the growth of clean, sustainable energy and contribute to a greener future.

Solar Insure prioritizes homeowner peace of mind when going solar by monitoring and covering key solar and battery storage parts and labor needs making sure your system is secured and any alerts on your system are attended to by a Solar Insure Certified Installer, enabling you to harness the benefits of renewable energy fully. By becoming a Solar Insure customer, you’re not only protecting your investment but also taking an active role in promoting a more sustainable world where you have the most uptime on your system.

What Solar Insure is and what it is not

Solar Insure is not an insurance company but offers its customers monitoring and warranty products through a strong network of vetted and approved Solar Insure Certified Installers.

Solar Insure is a partner with Zurich North America that has allowed us to provide an insurance-backed warranty that goes beyond the existing manufacturer’s warranty. That means when customers purchase our solar energy monitoring system with the additional warranty, they know they are covered.

The Solar Insure Warranty steps in if the manufacturer’s solar panel or battery warranty is dishonored because the manufacturer has defaulted, and it’s satisfying to know it is backed by a company like Zurich North America, which has been around for 151 years.

Our 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty is unique to the solar industry as it provides manufacturer default coverage along with roof penetration and battery storage coverage, all included at the time of installation with no further out-of-pocket costs or deductibles.

How do you purchase Solar Insure?

To purchase Solar Insure monitoring and warranty products, you must work with a Solar Insure Certified Installer and add Solar Insure at the time of installation. You can contact us to get a list of Solar Insure Certified Installers in your area at 714-625-8204. We work exclusively with vetted installers to ensure that homeowner installations are performed by tested and vetted companies that cater to the quality and best outcomes for residential homeowners.

Suppose you’re a homeowner or looking to add solar and battery to your home. In that case, you can reach out to Solar Insure and request from our team a curated list of our Certified Installers, each rigorously vetted and approved for their exceptional expertise. Remember to inquire about the inclusion of battery storage in your solar system, as there are numerous incentives you could potentially qualify for. Don’t forget to consider integrating Solar Insure’s 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty into your installation for enhanced peace of mind.

Solar Insure can only be purchased at the time of installation. It’s a common misconception that Solar Insure’s monitoring and warranty can be added to a system after installation or following an issue. However, our model is designed to work exclusively with pre-approved, rigorously vetted installers and solar manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality installations. Since we cannot validate installations executed outside of our program, we are unable to shoulder the risk associated with systems installed beyond our Certified Installer network.

Solar Insure can be inherited if it was purchased at the time of installation. So, for example, if you’ve purchased a home with solar panels and you’re unsure if they came with Solar Insure’s monitoring and warranty, give us a call to find out. 

It is vital for Solar Insure to work with the best manufacturers and solar installers to ensure peace of mind for its consumers transitioning to renewable energy. Solar Insure has an extensive vetting process for solar installers who, once approved, are given a Certified Installer badge. Solar Insure’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energies and smart energy homes starts with having the best equipment and trustworthy installers to provide an optimum renewable energy experience. Learn more about how Solar Insure supports homeowners by having a Certified Installer Program here

Why the Solar Insure process is important to maintain the highest quality installations

Solar Insure only works with companies that meet the highest standard of quality workmanship and customer service. Solar Insure is not meant for installers who do not uphold the same integrity and commitment to their customers. 

Why does this matter? Solar Insure is passionately committed to supporting owners of solar and battery storage systems by connecting them with thoroughly vetted installers. Our dedication to working with top-tier products and proficient installers is aimed at ensuring that every solar adopter benefits from exceptional design and installation services. In the event of necessary repairs or should the installer cease operations, the solar system owner can rest assured knowing they have a dependable, long-term partner to guide them throughout their solar ownership journey.

The entire Solar Insure team is dedicated to strengthening the renewable energy industry and its reputation with homeowners. This steadfast commitment is reflected in our 5-star rating and more than 130 glowing reviews on Google. Whether you’re an existing Solar Insure customer, searching for answers about your current system, or in the midst of signing a deal, help is just a phone call away. We offer consistent support, regardless of your situation.

Consider this: if a homeowner decides to sell their property equipped with solar panels, the succeeding owner can anticipate the same high-quality service. Our 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product carries over to them without any additional cost or fuss.

The Solar Insure Process

What are some of the risks of not having Solar Insure? 

Choosing to install a solar system without a Solar Insure warranty can lead to several potential risks and inconveniences. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Lack of Support if Installer Ceases Operations: If your solar installer goes out of business, you could be left without any recourse for addressing system issues or repairs. Solar Insure offers a safety net by stepping in to provide support if this occurs.
  2. Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Without a Solar Insure warranty, you may have to bear the costs of equipment failure and labor for repairs or replacement yourself. These expenses can be substantial, potentially offsetting the savings you gain from solar energy.
  3. Manufacturer’s Warranty Limitations: Equipment manufacturers typically provide a limited warranty that may not cover all aspects of the system, such as labor for repair or full replacement cost. Without Solar Insure, you could be left to pay for anything the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover.
  4. Non-Transferability of Monitoring and Warranty: A Solar Insure warranty can be transferred to a new homeowner if you decide to sell your property. Without it, the new owner might not benefit from existing warranties or monitoring services, which could impact the property’s marketability.
  5. Loss of Long-Term Peace of Mind: Solar Insure provides an assurance that your solar system will be cared for throughout its lifespan. Without it, you may face uncertainty and potential stress over future system performance and maintenance.
  6. Risk of Deteriorating System Performance: Without the monitoring service provided by Solar Insure, minor issues could go unnoticed, leading to a decline in system performance over time, eventually affecting your energy savings.
  7. Potential Impact on Property Value: A well-maintained solar system with a transferable warranty can enhance a property’s value. Without Solar Insure, the perceived value and appeal of the solar system to potential buyers may be diminished.

By addressing these potential risks, Solar Insure provides a solution to protect your investment in renewable energy, offering assurance for the present and future.

Clarification on Solar Insure details

Production guarantees

When it comes to production guarantees, Solar Insure’s approach is to address and repair issues directly rather than providing end-of-year monetary compensation. Our 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product ensures that solar systems remain operational and efficient. You can learn more about it here. Our primary goal is to facilitate optimal energy production from solar systems. Should a panel or an inverter malfunction, it’s critical that you’re not burdened with out-of-pocket expenses for parts and labor.

Solar Insure offers monitoring and warranty, not insurance

Solar Insure steps in to bridge any gaps left by the manufacturer’s warranty when a problem arises with your solar installation.

It’s essential to clarify that Solar Insure is not an insurance policy product. Instead, it’s an integrated solution combining diligent installer monitoring with robust warranty coverage. If there’s a problem, Solar Insure is committed to resolving it. Moreover, our approach aims to help contractors address issues.

Why People are increasingly choosing Solar Insure

Solar Insure is dedicated to mitigating climate change and promoting energy independence. For over 16 years, we have been safeguarding consumer investments in solar energy and catalyzing the shift toward renewable sources. Here are some notable benefits our residential and commercial customers value.

Exemplary Customer Service: Solar Insure prides itself on its exceptional customer service, which has earned us a 5-star rating. We ensure prompt responses to all inquiries, whether by phone or direct message, day or night. Our commitment to putting customer service first provides peace of mind, particularly when you need us most.

Cost-Effective Monitoring: Our monitoring service helps homeowners reduce expenses, optimizing their solar investment. Monitoring can help installers keep track of the errors and catch them before it is too late. Homeowners will also be spared the cost of paying out-of-pocket for service work when a warranty covers the repair.

Immediate Savings with Zero Deductibles: Our plan covers the repair or replacement of all insured items, creating instant savings. Claims can be quickly and easily filed online, with current processing times averaging just one week and often as short as three days. Further simplifying the process, all claims are handled by your installer.

30-Year Monitoring and Warranty: As the popularity of solar power continues to rise, we understand the importance of minimizing liability and fostering trust among consumers. Manufacturer warranties can often vary, creating uncertainty. Solar Insure simplifies this by providing a 30-year Monitoring and Warranty covering parts, labor, and roof penetrations. Our solution is to provide support on the most common repairs and failures and include all work necessary for the job to get done right in the fastest timeframe. 

20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty: This product offers an extra layer of assurance for your battery storage system.

Vetted and Approved Certified Installers: All Solar Insure installers undergo a rigorous vetting process, ensuring they use top-tier manufacturers and maintain high standards of workmanship and customer service. As a Solar Insure customer, you can be confident that your installer has passed thorough checks, including:

  • Company background
  • Contractor licensing
  • Insurance requirements
  • Claims history
  • OSHA check.

They must also demonstrate an excellent online reputation and high customer ratings.

Choosing Solar Insure means choosing peace of mind, quality service, and a seamless solar experience.

Solar Insure Vetted and Approved Certified Installers

Benefit: 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product, with an optional 20-Year Battery Warranty 

The 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product, with an optional 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty, is a needed benefit to your solar contract. Most manufacturer warranties are between 10 and 30 years of warranty coverage. The benefit of having Solar Insure 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product, with an optional 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty, is if a manufacturer goes out of business, Solar Insure will step in. If the homeowner or building owner sells the property, the ownership of our products is transferrable at no additional cost. The 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty cover batteries if they degrade too quickly. 

Solar Insure covers manufacturer warranty gaps. When it comes to solar and battery systems, unforeseen complications can arise. Solar Insure steps in to bridge these gaps, ensuring your peace of mind and guaranteeing that your system functions as intended. For instance, inverters may eventually require replacement, but with Solar Insure’s 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty product, you can rest assured that all travel and labor costs associated with these replacements are covered. It’s a win-win situation.

Solar Insure does not require maintenance. Solar Insure will not void your warranty if maintenance such as washing your panels is not performed, to ensure your issues are addressed to keep your solar and battery systems up and running. 

Solar Insure is more than just a warranty and monitoring service. It is a commitment to promoting the growth of renewable energy, supporting the transition to a more sustainable world, and ensuring that your investment in solar power is protected and optimized. We are dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for homeowners and commercial building owners, and our 5-star rating and glowing reviews on Google testify to this.

So, whether you are a homeowner looking to install a solar system, a commercial building owner considering the switch to renewable energy, or a potential buyer of a property with solar panels, Solar Insure is your trusted partner in securing a greener future.

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