Apr 20
The Most Comprehensive Warranty for Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects up to 2MW | Solar Insure

The Most Comprehensive Warranty for Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects up to 2MW

The Most Comprehensive Warranty for Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects up to 2MW | Solar Insure

Featuring Our Partner Emes Solar and their Commercial Solar Installation Project

After many requests, Solar Insure is now officially supporting commercial and industrial solar projects up to 2 MW with our SmartTech Monitoring Software and  30 year warranty coverage. As C&I solar installations take off, there is a great need for insurance-backed protection. We’re here to support that growth in the Solar Industry and give customers, contractors, and solar manufacturers peace of mind in their solar investments. 

Feedback from installers like Derek Turner has convinced us that increasing the amount of wattage we cover is vital to the growth of our partners. Our partners that have been able to deliver a 30 year warranty to their residential customers can now offer that same security and grow their commercial and industrial client base. 

Benefits of using Solar Insure 30 Year Warranty & Software for C&I Projects 

Now C&I customers can enjoy the same benefits as our residential customers, like:

  • All parties gain peace of mind
  • Covers Parts & Labor
  • Longest protection available
  • AM Best A Plus rated Insurance backed
  • Zero deductible 
  • Trusted installers
  • Hassle-free transferability at no cost
  • The customer gets the benefit of the tax credit
  • Longest protection available
  • 24/7 customer hotline
  • Coverage up to 2MW
  • Easy online claims
  • Increase home value
  • SmartTech Monitoring

Emes Solar: Commercial Project Example from our Partner

Elliot Siegel of Emes Solar shared his experience on a recent 141.2KW C&I solar project at 2100-2120 Wallace Ave in the Bronx, NY, backed by the 30 Year Solar Insure Warranty. 

Initially, the utility company requested that Emes Solar do the project as a single interconnection, and they then changed the specifications of the projects to be 2 interconnections. The project was again entirely switched to be two completely separate projects with Con Edison at the last minute.

Emes Solar worked with Con Edison to ensure that the project proceeded, rolling with the changes that Con Edison threw their way.  One of the key aspects that allowed Emes Solar to complete this project successfully was their great working relationship with Con Edison.

The successfully completed project helped the landlords comply with local law regulations to reduce their carbon footprint. The solar installation covered the buildings’ entire Con Edison bill. It reduced their gas bill through electrification of domestic hot water, and created a revenue stream by selling excess energy to community solar. A notable fact is that Emes Solar used Enphase for the inverters instead of the typical string inverters used on commercial projects. Elliot and his team at Emes Solar felt this provided better protection for the system from failed inverters and gave the owner deeper insight into the system’s performance.

Marc Schmerler developed the project and Elliot Siegel managed implementation to ensure that the project was successfully completed, and leveraged his relationship with Con Edison to ensure that all issues were resolved.  

Solar Insure supported this project by giving the landlords and installer peace of mind that a third party would use SmartTech Monitoring Software for enhanced defect detection and fill the gaps in the manufacturer and installer warranties. Solar Insure provides enhanced defect detection through their SmartTech Software Monitoring along with an insurance backed 30 year parts, labor and roof penetration warranty. 

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