Collaboration with Zurich

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we are dedicated to securing a successful future for our customers, partners, employees, and communities. We work with companies that have a shared focus on sustainability and climate resilience that offer solutions to our solar customers.

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Zurich North American

We are proud

to be working with Zurich North America, a company also committed to sustainability and climate resilience. As a company, Zurich is targeting net-zero emissions by 2030 for its operations and is among the world’s most sustainable insurers, as shown by the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. The company is also focused on developing products and services for its customers that help build climate resilience.

Our Collaboration with Zurich

has enabled us to offer peace of mind to customers considering purchase of our residential solar energy monitoring system by providing an insurance-backed warranty that goes beyond the existing manufacturer’s warranty. That means when customers purchase our solar energy monitoring system with the additional warranty, they know they are covered. Our warranty steps in if the manufacturer’s solar panel or battery warranty is dishonored because the manufacturer has defaulted, and it’s satisfying to know it is backed by a company like Zurich North America.

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