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Solar Insure RE+ Show 2023

RE+ Show 2023: The Future of Renewable Energy is Powered by Peace of Mind

Solar Insure Team RE+ 2023

Not too long ago, solar conventions felt like intimate family reunions. The sheer magnitude of the 2023 RE Plus Show in Las Vegas was evident in how far we’ve come as an industry. With the influx of rebates and significant investments, this trend will only continue to grow. At Solar Insure, we’re poised to scale, ensuring that as the industry grows, homeowners can find peace of mind as they adopt renewable energy. – Dean Chiaravallotti

If you attended the biggest renewable energy show in North America – RE+ – you know that 2023 saw its largest turnout yet. With 40,000 people in attendance, this show was a boost from the 27,000 people who attended in 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center. It would’ve taken a good two weeks to go through this entire show, from solar, storage, microgrids, wind, hydrogen, EVs, electrification, workshops, parties, and more. One thing attendees and exhibitors had in common was the feeling of excitement and overwhelm. This means our industry is only poised for more rapid growth, including solar, EV, and battery storage adoption.

With so many new solar businesses and manufacturers, the need for security like our 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty only became more evident.  

Solar Insure’s vision

Harnessing the best equipment for the job and the most reliable people to install it, then ensuring that protection is in place for the life of the system in case either of them goes out of business is the Solar Insure vision for homeowner peace of mind.

RE+ top-tier equipment on the Solar Insure AVL

We only work with the best solar equipment manufacturers. Here are some show highlights from some of the manufacturers on our Approved Vendor’s List (AVL) who exhibited there. 

Adani Solar 

Seeing our friends at RE Plus Las Vegas, who were also our neighbors at the show, was incredible. Adani Solar, a part of the Adani Group, manufactures solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and can produce high-efficiency PV cells and modules, one of the leading players globally.

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Boviet Solar

We were happy to see the tier 1 global manufacturer and supplier of monocrystalline PERC PV cells, bifacial and monofacial PV Modules. Boviet Solar has maintained its BloombergNEF Tier 1 position since 2017, and we’re happy to have them on our Approved Vendor List. 

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Canadian Solar 

As one of Solar Insure’s approved vendors, Canadian Solar never ceases to excite us all. Canadian Solar has unveiled its latest innovation, the EP Cube Lite, a residential energy storage system tailored to the modern homeowner. Its versatile capacity range of 6.6 kWh to 19.9 kWh is designed to fit seamlessly into existing PV setups, offering both adaptability and affordability. What sets this product apart is its future-proof design; homeowners can opt to expand to the full-fledged EP Cube. This launch underscores Canadian Solar’s commitment to equipping homeowners with sustainable energy solutions, paving the way for greener and more efficient household energy management.

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Enphase’s strategic expansion and its commitment to product diversification not only solidify its position in the energy market but also hint at a future where versatile energy solutions cater to varied consumer needs.

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SolarEdge’s new powerful inverter launched 

SolarEdge Technologies launched the new high-power 3-phase SolarEdge 330 kW inverter. SolarEdge Technologies, a global frontrunner in smart energy technology, has introduced its latest SolarEdge Home Hub and Wave inverters in the U.S., equipped with embedded Power Control System (PCS) technology. This innovative integration allows for the installation of PV systems over 50% larger without the need for expensive and lengthy main panel upgrades. 

By monitoring, balancing, and controlling currents on the main panel busbar, these inverters permit larger PV system installations beyond what’s currently permitted by the National Electrical Code 120% rule. In practical terms, homes with a 200 Amp main panel can now install up to three 11.4kW SolarEdge inverters without a main panel upgrade. The simplified design eliminates the need for additional external connectors, with only current transformers required on the main panel. Enhanced with software updates for swift commissioning and automotive-grade components, these inverters improve reliability and cost efficiency for PV installations across the U.S.

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RE+ Top Notch Installers: Solar Insure Certified Installer Program

At Solar Insure, our Certified Installer Program is pivotal in ensuring homeowners receive an unparalleled solar experience. We collaborate exclusively with top-notch installers, meticulously vetted for their expertise and commitment to excellence. Our emphasis is on partnering with professionals who possess a genuine stake in the industry and prioritize exceptional customer service by supporting them for the long haul. A shining example of this commitment is the 2022 Installer of the Year, Lumina Solar, whose years of dedication and consistent performance in the solar sector exemplify the standards we uphold at Solar Insure.

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Ranked Baltimore Sun’s top workplaces in 2022, Lumina Solar clocked 3,500 since the inception of the company. We were able to sit down with the Lumina team (photo above) and talk about some of their accomplishments and goals. 

“Solar Insure encapsulates who we are as solar installers. We value customer service, quality, and follow-through; so do they. The ability to offer a product like Solar Insure means we can provide more value, support, and peace of mind to our customers. Because solar is still new to so many people, there is a fear of the unknown. What happens if you go out of business and my system has an issue, how long does the system last, what happens to my roof over the years, etc.? Having Solar Insure as an extra measure of protection goes a long way to quell some of these concerns. We have worked with Solar Insure for 2+ years and know firsthand how much they care about both Lumina Solar and our mutual customers. There is a lot of trust in this relationship, and we are excited to grow with Solar Insure.” – Zac Hare, VP of Residential Sales at Lumina Solar

We’re proud to work with Certified Installers like Lumina Solar, whose values align with ours. We appreciate Lumina’s dedication to their community through actions like the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month campaign and were glad to spend some time with their team at the RE+ show. Here’s a little more about the benefits of choosing a Solar Insure Certified Installer like Lumina Solar.

The Solar Insure Certified Installer program is vital to the growing market with more players in the game. It brings consistency and a level of vetting that stabilizes the industry as it engages with homeowners and helps growth be paired with peace of mind for long-term success. 

RE+ Event Highlights

The show commenced with an impactful message of inclusivity delivered by renowned figures. The opening ceremony was graced by the likes of Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, actor and former White House aide Kal Penn, and CNN’s Van Jones. Their collective message emphasized the importance of embracing diversity, particularly focusing on disadvantaged communities and people of color, especially as the solar and energy storage industry experiences exponential growth.

One of the intriguing segments of the event revolved around the carbon footprint comparison between planes, trains, and automobiles. Three industry experts embarked on a 3,000-mile journey across the U.S. to analyze their carbon emissions. Their findings revealed intricate calculations and unexpected revelations regarding CO2 emissions.

Carrier, a prominent U.S. heating solutions brand, unveiled its latest series of high-temperature heat pumps at the event. These innovative pumps, with capacities ranging from 30 kW to 735 kW.

Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix’s goal was to usher in hydrogen education for the upcoming generation of renewable energy pioneers through immersive learning. In pursuit of this vision, Horizon Educational proudly hosted the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) series. This event saw students worldwide crafting, designing, and racing model cars powered by fuel cells, thereby acquiring invaluable skills in renewable energy. The 2023 H2GP World Final was a spectacle to behold as the top 30 teams globally converged to compete before an audience of 27,000+ renewable energy aficionados, all vying for the coveted title of World Champion.

Lastly, another segment of the show delved into the longevity of residential solar inverters, exploring the various factors that influence their lifespan. This segment was part of a series that provided insights into the intricacies of solar inverters.

While the renewable energy sector was abuzz with the largest renewable energy conference in North America, an unexpected historical event occurred. The MGM faced a week-long cyberattack, serving as a stark reminder of the escalating cyber risks in today’s digital age. Such incidents emphasize the importance of cybersecurity. As we delve into the current trends and future prospects of renewable energy, it’s imperative to remain vigilant and proactive against potential threats. It’s another reason Solar Insure exists for customers: protection in uncertainty.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Solar Insure Booth at RE+! 

As the curtains closed on the RE+ Show 2023, we at Solar Insure would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth. It was an honor to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most esteemed manufacturers, installers, and partners in the renewable energy industry. Your presence and interactions enriched the event, and the overwhelming response and interest truly humbled us. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and we look forward to many more collaborations and innovations in the years to come.

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Ki Song is a dynamic project management professional and certified scrum master with a six-year track record of success in the solar industry. Renowned for a client-centric approach, Ki excels in steering solar projects from conception to fruition and launching innovative solar products tailored to market demands.