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Mid-Atlantic Solar Growth Insights | Solar Insure

Mid-Atlantic Solar Growth Insights

Despite a temporary industry-wide contraction currently taking place, residential solar growth is part of a broader trend in the U.S. solar market, which is expected to see substantial expansion in the coming years. The Mid-Atlantic region is just getting started.  Source: EcoWatch Mid-Atlantic growth projections and market dynamics The U.S.... read more →
Jan 07
Weathering Regulatory Storms & Preparing Your Solar Business for Policy Change Solar Insure

Weathering Regulatory Storms & Preparing Your Solar Business for Policy Changes

Understanding and adapting to changing regulations is crucial for residential solar installers. Federal, state, and local policies significantly influence the market dynamics of doing business for solar energy in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. State-level policies and net metering laws change over time and vary by location, affecting the economics... read more →
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Leasing Solar Panels

How does leasing solar panels work?

For homeowners venturing into solar panels, deciding between leasing and purchasing involves critical considerations. While a cash purchase or a solar loan presents upfront options, the allure of a zero upfront cost through solar leases has gained traction, with over 40% of consumers in developed markets opting for third-party ownership. ... read more →
Dec 17
Adapting to Market Changes Strategies for Solar Business Sustainability Solar Insure

Microinverters vs String Inverters (A data-driven approach)

The debate between the reliability of microinverters vs string inverters with optimizers, such as those offered by Enphase and SolarEdge, is a common topic in the solar industry. Our extensive 10-year data repository on solar inverters, enriched with insights from our monitoring software, serves as a crucial resource for consumers... read more →
Dec 16
13 Reddit Questions about Solar Insure

Solar Panel Tax Credit 2024: An In-Depth Analysis

Since originating in 2006, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has stimulated tremendous growth across residential and commercial photovoltaic markets, vaulting the U.S. to become a top 3 global solar leader.  As the current policy regime maintains a stabilized 30% credit through 2032, solar stakeholders are ready to capitalize on... read more →
Dec 14
Do solar panels work during a power outage?

Staying Powered Up: The Truth About Solar Panels During Power Outages

Solar panels are a reliable and cost-effective alternative energy source, offering numerous benefits for homeowners. However, a common challenge arises when solar panels shut down during power outages. Energy backup system integration is essential to resolving this problem and maximizing solar energy. This article aims to enlighten homeowners on effectively... read more →
Dec 09

The Ultimate Solar Panel Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

To maximize solar energy production, ROI, and equipment longevity, conducting comprehensive system inspections remains imperative over the solar home's lifespan. This solar panel maintenance checklist details essential maintenance items spanning software monitoring, physical panels, and electrical gear for periodic reviews. Whether installing solar panels at your home or purchasing a... read more →
Dec 09

The Essential Guide to Understanding Solar Warranties

Navigating the complexities of solar warranties is crucial for homeowners venturing into the realm of sustainable energy. Solar panels are a substantial investment with various warranties, encompassing contractor commitments, manufacturer assurances, and innovative solutions like Solar Insure's monitoring and warranty product. Deciphering these warranties can be challenging, given the intricate... read more →