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Keep your solar energy system running smoothly and protect your investment with our monitoring and warranty package.

Elevate your solar system’s performance and shield your investment with our monthly monitoring and warranty service program.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your solar panels and inverters are covered in case of any issues.

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Solar Protection on a Mission

Solar Insure’s core passions lie in renewable energies and their potential for transforming the world by slowing down climate change and fostering energy independence.

For over 15 years, our mission has been to protect consumer investment in solar and accelerate the transition to renewable energies.

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Why Choose Our Solar Monitoring and Warranty Service?

Proactive Monitoring

Our advanced software continuously monitors your solar system’s performance, detecting any anomalies or potential issues. This allows us to take immediate action and provide timely service to ensure your system operates at its best.

Complete Coverage

With our warranty service, you’ll have comprehensive coverage for your solar panels and inverters. Whether it’s a malfunction or a performance issue, our service guarantees that you’ll receive the support you need to keep your system up and running.

Reliable Insurance Partner

We’ve partnered with Zurich Insurance, a trusted industry leader, to provide you with the backing of a renowned insurance company. This means you can have confidence in the reliability and financial stability of our warranty coverage.

Affordable Pricing

Gain access to top-tier monitoring and warranty services. Compared to the potential costs of repairs or replacements, our service offers exceptional value and ensures your solar system’s longevity.

Low Deductible

In the event that a claim needs to be made, our deductible is only $100. This means you won’t be burdened with high out-of-pocket expenses when you require assistance.

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SolarDetect FAQ

Homeowners whose installer has gone out of business, leaving the Homeowner orphaned and unsupported. As of November 2023, SolarDetect is available in Utah, California, Texas, and New Mexico.

SolarDetect+ is a monthly monitoring and warranty product to give homeowners peace of mind. Solar Insure monitors your system in the event that your installer has gone out of business. This gives you someone to call if you experience system issues and a warranty to back up your covered parts.

SolarDetect+ is currently available in Utah, California, Texas, and New Mexico. We will expand to additional states in 2024.

Homeowners who want to sign up for SolarDetect+ can fill out this inquiry form or call our office at 714-625-8204.

Thousands of homeowners are left unsupported when their contractor goes out of business. SolarDetect+ is there for a homeowner to monitor their solar system and cover the service needed should anything go wrong. 

Homeowners who want to sign up for SolarDetect+ can complete the inquiry form. above. Once the Homeowner fills out the inquiry form, they will get an email confirmation. Solar Insure will reach out via phone to go over the program details and ask preliminary questions. The homeowner is also welcome to call us at our office at 714-625-8204.

Solar Insure’s customer service team will perform a homeowner pre-qualification phone call. If approved, Solar Insure and the homeowner will move forward with the onboarding process. If the system cannot be approved at that time, Solar Insure will inform the homeowner of the necessary steps to move forward with the program. 

The agreement has a 1 year term, but is available for renewal on a yearly basis.

Not during our initial pilot program, but we have plans to expand our scope of covered homeowners in the future. We have since expanded to allowing the program through vendor services as well and will be pushing this further in the future as we ramp up the product.

 Not during our initial pilot program, but we have plans to expand our scope of covered homeowners in the future. The homeowner can finalize the install prior to purchasing as well. 

If you have yet to go solar, we suggest working with a Solar Insure Certified Installer who can offer you the Solar Insure Monitoring and Warranty products at the point of sale.

During the sign-up process, we will perform a remote inspection and a physical inspection (if needed) of your solar system. If there are issues found during these assessments and tests, we will provide you with a fair market value quote to fix those issues prior to final approval of the warranty. The warranty will not be able to be used retroactively in this way.

You can have this product until your system is 10 years old or 10 years after your original installation date.

To ensure quality, we require all of our contractors to be verified Solar Insure partners. This includes an onboarding process that ensures they achieve a high quality of work and customer satisfaction. This also helps keep our costs down for the program. We don’t allow contractors who are not on this list to perform service work.

We require that we maintain reasonable access to your monitoring portals, and that we are able to reach you if we discover an issue with your system and will communicate with you in an attempt to fix it before canceling. In addition, we require that the monthly payments for SolarDetect+ are made as well. Apart from that, your warranty will not be canceled.

After you express interest, we will perform a pre-qualification check with you. This involves collecting your information, as well as the information pertaining to your system. We will use this information to perform a remote assessment of your system and determine its status. After the assessment is completed, we will let you know if an inspection is required.

We are currently performing a pilot program of SolarDetect+. It’s limited to these states in order to control the volume and so that we can adjust qualification requirements as needed. The product will be available in more states as we continue through the pilot program.

Partner Organizations

We’re proud to be partners with a number of solar organizations as we continue to work to advance our industry.

The information provided by Solar Insure is for informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research, verify information, and seek professional advice when making decisions. The solar energy industry is subject to change, so information may become outdated.