Oct 13
Solar Panel

Geothermal Insurance

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that geothermal energy production is a $1.5 billion a year industry. By 2015, DOE plans to show that enhanced geothermal systems technologies are feasible and can effectively contribute to the U.S. energy supply. Efforts to harness geothermal energy raise a number of industry specific considerations and with our help we will insure your business growth effortlessly.

Solar Insure’s Package Approach

Consider these valuable features  of our package  product  for the renewable energy industries:

All-risk property protection
For renewable electric power generation, includes turbines, boilers, transformers, powerhouses, solar panels, conveyors, fuel, shops and offices.

Machinery breakdown, electrical arcing and steam explosion perils can be incorporated into a package  policy. There is no need for a separate boiler and machinery policy.

Business income, contingent business income and extra expense  insurance are available. Our approach considers historic production levels and current  marketplace value, among other  factors, in determining the appropriate level of business income, making it easier to purchase  the proper  amount of insurance. Whether it’s a wind farm or an ethanol facility, our business interruption policy responds when disaster strikes.

Liability insurance provides protection for bodily injury, property  damage, personal injury and advertising injury. It includes general liability insurance for existing renewable energy operations, as well as newly acquired or formed  organizations.

Solar Insure’s package  approach for the renewable energy industry is designed specifically for renewable energy operations and offers many enhancements.