Aug 15

Solar PEO – Employee Leasing

PEO Services for the Solar Industry


We handle your Payroll, Workers’ Comp, Benefits and HR



As your Solar company grows, the work and expense of being an employer can get overwhelming and can distract time and energy away from your core business. As a professional employer organization ( PEO) with over 20 years combined solar and construction experience, Solar Insure becomes a co-employer with your Solar business to relieve you of many of the tasks, responsibilities and liabilities of being an employer. Our bundle of HR solutions includes affordable workers’ compensation insurance, payroll services, benefits, risk management, an HR team.






• Provide Written Safety Program and Safety Manual
• Identify Specialty Programs for the Solar Industry
• Provide Comprehensive Safety Inspection and Regular
Worksite Safety Review
• Develop Safety Action Plan
• Assist with Job Analysis
• Consultation on Safety Activity in the Workplace
• CAL-OSHA Consultation
• Complete and Provide OSHA 300 logs
• Identify and Review PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)Requirements
• Accident Investigation
• Workers’ Injury Claims Administration

• Process Total Payroll Hours Reported and Generate Employee Checks
• Provide Invoice and System-Generated Reports with each Processed Payroll
• Multiple Payroll Reporting Options
• Process and Make Payment of Payroll Tax Deposits and Reports (Federal, State, & Local)Monthly, Quarterly and
Yearly as Mandated
• Departmental Payroll Processing and Reporting
• Job Costing Payroll Processing and Reporting
• Davis Bacon Certified Payroll Reporting
(Requires Special Payroll Reporting)
• Calculate, Deduct, and Remit Payment of Wage
Garnishments, Child Support, Tax Levies, Wage
Assignments, Etc.
• New Hire Reporting to meet State and Federal Compliance
• Generate and Distribute Year-End W-2’s
• Special Reports as Requested
• Free Direct Payroll Deposit or Pay Cards for Employees
• Free Online Time and Attendance System including Specialized Reports


• Develop and Provide Customized Employee Handbook
• Assist with Development of Job Descriptions
• Assist with Development of Employee Performance Evaluation Program
• Research Compensation Ranges and Development of Wage Matrix
• Provide Member Quick Start Guide including Required
Employment Forms provided in Hard Copy and CD
• Assist with Employee Management including Hiring,
Discipline, Conflict Resolution, Termination
• Perform Background Checks with Optional Drug and
Alcohol Testing (Additional Fee for Drug Testing)
• Maintain Employee Personnel Records
• Processing New Hire Applications
• Manage Employee Unemployment Claims
• Recruiting Services *
• Provide Mandatory Employment Postings
• EPLI- Employment Practices Liability Insurance Included



• Provide Employee Benefit Plans: 401K Retirement Plans,
Flexible Spending Plans, Supplemental Insurance Plans
• Research and Administer Client-Sponsored
Health Insurance Plans
• Access to Online Retirement Plans and
Supplemental Insurance Plans
• Provide System Generated Reports with
Each Processed Payroll