Sep 25
Celebrating 2023's Top Solar Contractors While Ensuring Long-Term Security Solar Insure.png

Celebrating 2023’s Top Solar Contractors While Ensuring Long-Term Security

From all of us at Solar Insure, we wish to extend our hearty congratulations to the outstanding solar installers recognized in Solar Power World’s 2023 Top Solar Contractors list. This distinguished list underlines the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of these contractors toward powering our homes, businesses, and the future with renewable energy.

As we celebrate the strides made in both residential and commercial solar installation sectors, we cannot overlook the story of resilience and determination that is intertwined with each installation, each switch turned on, and every kilowatt generated.

However, the dynamic nature of the solar industry should encourage homeowners to approach this significant investment with a careful eye and well-rounded protection. Pink Energy, a formerly celebrated contractor on the Top Solar Contractors list, serves as a sobering reminder. Pink Energy’s unexpected bankruptcy liquidation in October 2022 left numerous homeowners grappling with uncertainty about their solar energy systems. Had Pink Energy been a Solar Insure Certified Installer and actively enrolled their installations in and paid for the 30-Year Monitoring & Warranty, each and every one of their customers would have been covered seamlessly when they filed bankruptcy. It’s crucial to note that coverage is contingent upon the installer ensuring the warranty is paid for and activated.

Choosing an installer from the Top Solar Contractors list is a fantastic start, but it is crucial to remember that the longevity of your solar project goes beyond the installer’s warranty. It is about ensuring the entire journey of your home’s solar is covered, even when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

At Solar Insure, we understand that navigating the landscape of solar energy can be overwhelming for homeowners. That’s why we’re committed to providing support and solutions that ensure the longevity of your investment. With the 30-Year Monitoring & Warranty, we promise to safeguard your installation, parts, and labor against potential unforeseen disruptions. This warranty plan offers a layer of protection that goes beyond the relationship with your solar installer, ensuring that your transition to solar energy is secure, reliable, and, most importantly, stress-free, no matter the fate of your installer.

As we toast the accomplishments of the top U.S. solar installers of 2023, we also wish to remind you of the importance of thorough vetting and ensuring long-term protection for your solar system. Remember, a successful solar energy journey includes a competent installer and a strong, long-lasting warranty.

Solar Insure stands with homeowners in their quest for a more sustainable future. We applaud your decision to go solar, and we commit to safeguarding your investment. Here’s to the top solar contractors of 2023 and to the enduring success of solar energy in our homes and businesses.