Certified Solar Installer Vetting Process

It is important to check that prospective contractors are technically sound and therefore capable of completing work once contracted to perform your solar installation.
In addition, it is necessary to ensure that contractors carrying out work on your premises are properly organized and competent in Health and Safety management, in regard to both their own activities and their impact on other homes.
The following procedure describes the approval process that must be followed for all prospective contractors and resellers of the Solar Insure warranty Program:


The company must be in business for a minimum of 3 Years.


Copies of all required contractor licenses for the jurisdictions in which the solar installer operates.


General liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are reviewed for compliance.


OSHA provides a great deal of information on contractors – such as injury data and safety citations – that helps us during the prequalification process. If we notice repeat violations committed by any of the contractors we are considering, they are removed from our approved list.



Have a satisfactory online rating or otherwise demonstrate an overall reputation for a high level of service and workmanship.