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5 Reasons Why QuickBOLT is the Best Microflashing for Solar Contractors

5 Reasons Why QuickBOLT is the Best Microflashing for Solar Contractors

5 Reasons Why QuickBOLT is the Best Microflashing for Solar Contractors

Solar contractors worldwide continually seek the best products to ensure flawless and long-lasting solar installations. In this pursuit, Solar Insure has chosen QuickBOLT as its preferred vendor for roof flashing. This decision highlights QuickBOLT’s continued dedication to producing game-changing solutions and establishes them as a pivotal part of our approved vendor list (AVL). QuickBOLT’s reputation for innovation and quality has helped them gain worldwide recognition.

QuickBOLT’s flagship product, the QB2 Microflashing®, has become synonymous with superior quality and cutting-edge technology. This article explores the five compelling reasons why QuickBOLT is the go-to solution for solar contractors. From its unmatched sealing capabilities with the revolutionary BoltSeal® technology to continuous improvements and innovative features, QuickBOLT has set the standard for excellence in solar mounting solutions.

#1  – Nothing Seals Like BoltSeal

When it comes to ensuring a watertight seal for solar mounting systems, nothing matches the effectiveness of QuickBOLT’s revolutionary BoltSeal® technology. The term “compression” has become prevalent in the solar mounting industry, but QuickBOLT takes it to a whole new level with its patented “mechanical compression” technology.

At the heart of QuickBOLT’s superior sealing capability is their innovative Microflashing®. Unlike traditional flashing methods that merely compress against the surface of the roof or sealant into a hole, QuickBOLT’s Microflashing® goes above and beyond. This unique flashing physically concaves and seals at the point of penetration, providing an unparalleled level of protection against water intrusion.

The key to making this technology truly effective lies in the design of their QB1 and QB2 bolts. QuickBOLT engineered these bolts with specific features to complement the Microflashing® perfectly. The QB1 bolt features a collar that expertly compresses the Microflashing®, while the QB2 boasts a specialized shoulder that securely engages the L-Foot and Microflashing®. This interplay between the Microflashing® and QuickBOLT’s custom-designed bolts can be likened to a cork plugging a wine bottle, ensuring a tight and secure closure.

The BoltSeal® method is so effective that it stands on its own as a self-reliant sealing mechanism. Unlike many other mounting systems that heavily rely on chemical sealants to prevent water leakage, QuickBOLT’s BoltSeal® requires zero reliance on and zero need for chemical sealants. This simplifies the installation process and eliminates any potential risks associated with sealant failure over time.

#2 – Always improving

Unyielding commitment to innovation and consistent improvement is one of the defining attributes that distinguishes QuickBOLT as a pioneer in the solar mounting industry. This attribute is not only an intrinsic part of the company’s ethos, but also a key driving factor behind their burgeoning reputation for manufacturing outstanding solar mounting solutions.

With the introduction of their revolutionary BoltSeal® technology, QuickBOLT has made significant strides in improving the QB2’s sealing capabilities, setting a new standard for waterproofing in the solar mounting industry. This technology, developed after extensive research and testing, exemplifies QuickBOLT’s ethos of constant evolution. It serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that exceed industry norms and customer expectations.

#3 – Installed on more types of roofs

From the outset, QuickBOLT recognized the importance of adaptability in its products to cater to a diverse range of installation scenarios. While the QB2 was initially designed for Asphalt Shingle roofs in residential applications, the company took an active role in engaging with solar installers. Through close collaboration and feedback from these professionals, QuickBOLT identified a unique opportunity to expand QB2’s application to include commercial roofing materials.

QuickBOLT’s team worked diligently to ensure compatibility with various commercial roof types such as EPDM, TPO, and Rolled Asphalt. This breakthrough allowed solar contractors to take advantage of the same trusted Microflashing® mounting solution for their commercial projects, eliminating the need to seek alternative solutions for different roof types. The addition of the Height Adjustable QuickBOLT further boosted the QB2’s versatility, providing an effective alternative to traditional standoffs, pitch pans, E-Curb™, and tar buildup. The QB2, combined with the Height Adjustable QuickBOLT, demonstrated its prowess in maintaining exceptional water protection through the innovative BoltSeal® technology.

#4 – Installed with More Ease

QuickBOLT’s dedication to simplifying the installation process for solar contractors led to the development of the Split-Top L-Foot, a creative addition to their highly acclaimed QuickBOLT line. By adopting an open L-Foot design, QuickBOLT ensured that installers could seamlessly integrate their mounts with saddle attachments commonly found in popular racking systems.

This user-friendly design allowed installers to efficiently slide their rails into position, saving valuable time and effort during installations. QuickBOLT’s continuous pursuit of easier and more efficient installation methods further solidified its reputation as a reliable and innovative solution provider in the solar industry.

#5 Combine Top Mounts for the Ultimate Configuration

In keeping with their customer-centric approach, QuickBOLT actively sought feedback from solar installers to understand their preferences and requirements. This valuable feedback led to the development of the Direct-to-Deck Mount, an alternative to rafter-mounted QuickBOLTs.

The Direct-to-Deck Mount offered increased flexibility in the placement, allowing installers to mount it anywhere on the deck without the constraints of locating specific rafters. This flexibility provided a viable solution for installations where tricky rafter placements made traditional mounting challenging.

Understanding that each type of mounting solution had strengths and trade-offs, QuickBOLT encouraged a combined configuration that utilized a mix of QuickBOLTs with Direct-to-Deck mounts. This innovative approach allowed installers to maintain the superior uplift strength of rafter-mounted products while enjoying the placement versatility of deck-mounted solutions. QuickBOLT demonstrated its commitment to providing versatile and customizable solutions by allowing installers to tailor their configurations to specific installation scenarios.

As the demand for solar energy continues to grow, the importance of reliable and efficient solar mounting solutions becomes paramount for solar contractors. QuickBOLT’s QB2 Microflashing® is a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier products that address the evolving needs of solar professionals. From the groundbreaking BoltSeal® technology that provides an unbeatable watertight seal to the continuous efforts to enhance ease of installation, QuickBOLT has proven itself as a pioneer in the solar mounting industry.

With the QB2, solar contractors can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are using a product that excels in sealing capabilities, adapts to various roof types, simplifies the installation process, and offers the flexibility of combined configurations. QuickBOLT’s unwavering commitment to innovation, customer feedback, and industry benchmarks ensures that their QB2 Microflashing® remains preferred for solar contractors looking to deliver exceptional solar installations. When it comes to the best Microflashing® for solar contractors, QuickBOLT stands head and shoulders above the competition, empowering solar professionals to harness the sun’s energy with confidence and excellence.

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