Oct 10
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SolarGPT: Enhancing Customer Service in Solar Energy with ChatGPT (Case Study)


The solar energy sector, paralleling technological advancements, has expanded significantly, powering over 4 million U.S. homes with solar panels. Despite this growth, many homeowners need help navigating solar energy systems. 

The complexities of suitability assessments, installation, configuration, and maintenance require robust customer support. However, solar companies like Solar Insure need help meeting surging inquiry volumes with stretched customer service resources, risking delays or project abandonment.

This case study examines the implementation of the AI platform ChatGPT at Solar Insure. It focuses on its role in responding to customer questions, troubleshooting issues, and educating homeowners. 

The effectiveness of ChatGPT-generated content was assessed across accuracy, tone, response times, and resolution rates over a 3-month pilot.

Case Study Background

Historically, Solar Insure relied on email exchanges and call center staff for customer inquiries. However, with limited resources, meeting response time and consistency in experience across diverse information requests became challenging. 

Solar Insure theorized that AI conversational interfaces like ChatGPT or SolarGPT as it is called internally, with deeper language comprehension, could deliver more robust, scalable self-service assistance at lower costs compared to other solar firms that attempted basic chatbots with limited success.

Implementation of SolarGPT

ChatGPT was tested using anonymized past customer exchanges for solar domain responsiveness. Post-testing, it was integrated into Solar Insure’s website chat widget and customer service email workflows. 

Custom prompts were developed to orient the model toward optimizing homeowner comprehension and maintaining strict accuracy.

Our Custom GPT model can be found here for further testing – https://chat.openai.com/g/g-NRBQNrtc5-solar-energy-ai-calculator

Our Open AI API Based Chat Software Can be found here – https://solargpt.solarinsure.com/

AI Methodology

From July to September, Solar Insure tracked ChatGPT’s handling of 2,357 customer inquiries, including customer inquiries, technical guidance, product recommendations, and process explanations. 

Response quality, outcomes, and customer satisfaction metrics were monitored to evaluate effectiveness. A control group of inquiries handled without ChatGPT was used for comparative analysis.

Key Findings of Using Artificial Intelligence in Solar

  • 72% response accuracy, with errors flagged for human review and continuous model training.
  • 65% resolution rate in closing information gaps or issues directly through ChatGPT.
  • 70% user satisfaction based on issue resolution speed and interaction tone.
  • 62% containment rate, significantly reducing inquiries reaching human agents.
  • Detailed error analysis revealed that the 18% inaccuracy primarily involved highly technical or region-specific queries.
  • Customer testimonials highlighted the model’s user-friendly interaction and helpful guidance.
  • Response times improved significantly compared to pre-ChatGPT implementation.


The Solar Insure pilot demonstrated AI’s breakthrough potential in customer education and support, excelling even in advanced solar topics. 

The findings suggest long-term possibilities for personalized recommendations and process streamlining as AI capabilities expand. ChatGPT-human teaming represents an exciting new frontier in customer service for the solar industry.

Challenges and Limitations of AI in Solar

Integration challenges included training the model for highly technical solar terms and ensuring regulatory compliance in responses. The study’s limitations include the pilot’s short duration and the evolving nature of AI response capabilities.

Case Study Impact

This study has prompted Solar Insure to integrate ChatGPT more deeply into their customer service operations. It has sparked interest in AI-driven customer support solutions across the solar energy sector.


For solar companies considering similar AI integrations, focusing on continuous training, addressing technical and region-specific queries, and integrating real-world customer feedback is crucial for success.

About The Author

Ara Agopian brings more than two decades of expertise in both the solar and risk management industries. Ara is a seasoned expert and a licensed insurance broker across 30 states. As the founder and CEO of Solar Insure. Inc. , Ara has been pivotal in integrating innovative insurance solutions tailored for the solar sector, emphasizing customer-centric approaches and sustainable practices.