Jul 02
Solar Panel

Solar Staffing

Solarinsure our expertise and focus is offering solar contractors the best in online staffing services and other skilled workforce solutions such as HR management. We offer our clients employees management with unparalleled benefits in the solar industry.


Hiring Documents Online

Send offer letter: Generate and send job offer letter to employee.

Collect Information Online

Add to payroll: We will collect the employee’s information and add them to your payroll.

Tax: We will collect tax information.

Eligibility: We will collect employment eligibility information.

Eligibility Documents: Require upload of employee’s eligibility documents.

Add to Benefits

Enroll in benefits: If the employee is eligible we will offer benefits and setup deductions.

Additional Options

Run background check:


SolarInsure can free your company from far more than excess payroll… including the costs for:

Tax Payment
Workers’ Compensation
Benefits Administration

Solar Staffing will reduce your payroll cost by as much as 30% overall and reduce company liability.