Mar 19
Solar Panel

Solar Performance Guarantee

A Solar Insure production warranty gives homeowners the confidence that their system will perform as expected. Typically, solar design engineers predict the amount of energy your solar panel system should be producing each year. This assumption is based on your geographical location, weather trends, shading, the type of solar system you have installed, the size of your home, and other factors.

That prediction is then guaranteed, which means that if your solar system doesn’t meet its annual production goal, you’ll be reimbursed the difference between the actual production and the production guarantee.

Solar Insure customers are able to benefit from a solar production guarantee included with your solar proposal. Under our production guarantee, your solar system is guaranteed to produce a set amount of energy each for one year. And if your system fails to meet the mark, you’ll be credited the difference.

Solar Insure has developed a strategic relationship with a leading solar proposal software company to underwrite this business through its Energy Products Performance Guarantee Program.

Our Solar System Performance warranty coverage protects both project owners and lenders if the system, such as rooftop solar installation or ground-mounted solar array, does not provide the energy capacity at the specified level and the predicted power generated and revenues are not met.