Mar 15

Solar Panel Warranty and Protection Plan

Extra Protection for your Customer’s Solar Installation


Software monitoring including a Warranty Plan adds protection to the life of your customer’s solar array. Depending on the plan you purchase, you can add additional years of coverage to the standard manufacturer warranty and add additional peace of mind for your customers.

Value, Security, and Flexibility for Your Solar Energy Product Warranties through Risk Transfer

Solar Insure’s Software monitoring and Warranty program provides product protection to high-quality energy companies that manufacture, distribute, or supply energy products. Eligible companies include manufacturers, contractors, or suppliers of solar modules, inverters, racking equipment, energy-efficient construction materials, or other energy efficiency solutions.

About  Solar Insure

Solar Insure aims to provide advanced risk management policies to growing alternative energy companies and warranty assumptions for energy products. Utilizing Solar Insure’s risk management and renewable energy professionals we have extended our penchant for comprehensive underwriting and industry expertise into new and emerging sectors.

Warranty Program Features

Risk Transfer and Flexible Program Structure: Solar Insure will assume up to 100% of the risk on each warranty, structuring the program to each Company’s needs and wishes. Companies are able to participate in their warranty program’s experience through risk-sharing.

Research Intensive Underwriting:  Solar Insure’s top-down approach focuses on the industry, company, and product. Analyzing product design, engineering, and failure modes, we are able to thoroughly assess and quantify a product’s risk.

Inhouse Engineering Resources:

Our seasoned engineering experts have extensive energy experience and participate closely in the underwriting process. Focus on Risk Management & Loss Prevention: The Solar Insure program provides ongoing Risk Management and Loss Prevention support including training and communication programs that support industry best practices.

Warranty Claims Management:

The program offers a fast, efficient, and fair resolution of claims. Solar Insure’s aggressive claims management oversight focuses on the inclusion of the policyholder rather than exclusion during the claims process.

Competitive Pricing:

The Solar Insure Monitoring Software and Product Warranty Program  is offered for your solar installation through our approved partner network. Contact your local dealer for further information.