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Simple Solar Loan Calculator

A solar loan calculator is a tool designed to help homeowners estimate the costs and financial benefits of installing a solar energy system using a loan.

It requires inputting details such as the cost of the solar system, loan interest rate, and loan term.

The calculator then provides estimates of monthly loan payments, total loan cost over its term, and potential savings on energy bills. This tool is helpful for homeowners considering solar energy, as it helps assess the financial feasibility and long-term benefits of taking out a loan to finance a solar installation.

Solar Loan Calculator

Monthly payments


Total payment


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Solar loan calculators are handy for homeowners considering going solar because they:

  • Provide preliminary payment estimates – By inputting your credit score, loan amount, loan term, and estimated system cost, the calculator forecasts monthly payments to help with initial budgeting.
  • Model loan variables – Calculators let you adjust parameters like loan amount, terms, and interest rates to find the most affordable financing plan.
  • Factor incentive impacts – Tax credits, rebates, and other incentives can lower overall costs and equivalent loan amounts. Calculators account for these savings.
  • Compare financing sources – Rates and fees can be modeled across banks, credit unions, solar loan providers, etc., to find the best offer.
  • Test savings breakeven points – Modified inputs show repayment schedules and when monthly savings from solar energy exceed financing costs.
  • Simplify decision validation – Visualized amortizations simplify communicating the financing options to other household stakeholders.

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