Energy Savings Warranty

In an ever-evolving solar market, the peace of mind that comes with reliable warranty and monitoring services is invaluable, especially for homeowners whose solar contractors have gone out of business. Recognizing this need, we are excited to introduce Solar Detect, a comprehensive monthly solar extended warranty and monitoring program. This service is designed to offer continued support and assurance to homeowners with existing solar energy systems.

The Need for Solar Extended Warranty and Monitoring

As the solar industry grows, so does the incidence of solar companies closing their doors, leaving homeowners in a lurch concerning warranty and service issues. Solar Detect steps in to fill this gap, providing essential warranty and monitoring services. This program is particularly crucial for homeowners who have lost their original contractor support and are seeking continuity in system maintenance and performance assurance.

What is Solar Detect?

Solar Detect is a monthly service program that extends the warranty and offers monitoring solutions for your solar energy system. This program includes:

Extended Warranty Coverage: We provide comprehensive warranty services that cover major components of your solar system, ensuring protection against unexpected failures or performance issues.

Active System Monitoring: Our advanced monitoring tools actively track your system’s performance, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This proactive approach ensures your system operates at optimal efficiency.

Customer Support and Service: Subscribers to Solar Detect have access to our dedicated customer service team for any queries or concerns regarding their solar system.

Ease of Transition: For homeowners whose original installers are no longer in business, Solar Detect offers a seamless transition to ensure uninterrupted warranty and monitoring services.

Benefits of Solar Detect

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your solar system is continuously monitored and protected under warranty provides immense peace of mind.

Cost-Effective: With a monthly service model, Solar Detect is an affordable way to ensure your solar investment is protected over the long term.

Expertise and Reliability: Backed by our expertise in the solar industry, Solar Detect guarantees professional, reliable service and support.

Who is Solar Detect For?

Solar Detect is ideal for homeowners who:

Currently have a solar energy system installed.
Have lost warranty and service support due to their original installer going out of business.
Are looking for an affordable way to maintain and monitor their solar investment.

The introduction of Solar Detect marks a significant step forward in providing extended warranty and monitoring services to homeowners with solar energy systems. Its monthly service model makes it accessible and convenient, ensuring that your solar system continues to function efficiently and reliably for years to come. With Solar Detect, you can rest assured that your solar investment is in safe hands.