Jun 02
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President Calls for New Energy Economy

Our President is on Board for the New Energy Economy
by Solar Insure Communications Department

On February 17, President Obama took a major step towards actualizing his New Energy plan by signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Denver.

Energy is a big component of the economic stimulus package, making up $43 billion in government spending of the bill that was signed a mere few days ago at the solar powered Denver Museum of Nature & Science, symbolizing the President’s support for clean energy.

Obama’s agenda is to turn the United States into a clean energy economy by supporting the use of alternative energy, expanding renewable energy sources and creating tax incentives for conserving energy.

President Obama is ambitious in his efforts to tackle climate and environment issues by changing the way America produces and uses energy.

“Because we know we can’t power America’s future on energy that’s controlled by foreign dictators, we are taking a big step down the road to energy independence and laying the groundwork for a new green energy economy that can create countless well-paying jobs,” said President Obama upon setting a new direction for U.S. energy policy.

The New Energy for America plan purposes to assist in creating five million new jobs through investing $150 billion over the course of the next ten years by catalyzing private organizations to build a clean energy future for the country.

Obama is on the right path for a green solution to the current energy crisis. Under his new direction, the renewable energy industry may enjoy new lucrative projects, more green-collared jobs and training, and a chance to revolutionize the American economy as the world moves further and further away from fossil fuel derived energy options.