Workers Compensation Insurance

Protecting your employees as well as your business

As an employer, you know your employees are essential to your business. You hire top-quality people and give them the tools and training to do the job right. It’s important to you that they are safe from harm in the course of their work.
Despite your best efforts, though, your employees may encounter unforeseen hazards. It’s at those times you want to be sure you’ve chosen the best workers’ compensation coverage possible. Although insurance requirements are set by state law, not all workers’ compensation policies and services are the same. At Solar Insure, we have developed a comprehensive plan that addresses not only medical bills, but also covers a wide range of related services. Here are some of the features of that plan:

Controls the Hidden Costs of Workers’ Compensation Claims
Our A+ Rated Carriers are focused on providing your injured employees with quality med¬ical care that helps them recover quickly so they can return to work. We provide these services when you place your workers’ com¬pensation coverage with us:

Registered Nurse Case Managers
These professional case managers focus on ensuring your employees receive prompt and appropriate care. They facilitate discussions among the injured worker, the medical provider, and the employer to keep everyone focused on the best possible outcomes.

Medical Provider Networks
Our Insurance Carriers have contracted with Preferred Provider Networks across the country, giving your injured employees access to medical providers who are experienced in treating work-related injuries. They are committed to returning employees to productive work as soon as possible.

Medical Bill Review
We scrutinizes all workers’ compensation medical bills to insure accuracy and to detect fraud. As of December 2002, we’ve saved 42% off our customers’ medical charges. These savings can keep your workers’ compensation premium down.

Help Prevent Losses
The best way to limit workers’ compensation incidents is to prevent their occurrence. Our Loss Control consultants focus on offering our clients practical tips on how to run a safer, more efficient, and ultimately more productive company. Ask your agent for loss control information.

Offers Convenient Payment Plans
Even paying for your workers’ compensation coverage is easier with us. For a low installment fee, you can have the convenience of spreading your payments over time.

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