General Liability

Customized Insurance for  Renewable Energy Business Owners

Protect Your Investment

No matter how carefully you manage your operation, risk is inevitable. One unexpected loss can destroy years of hard work, hurt your company’s reputation and damage your bottom line. Solar Insure specializes in the renewable energy market insurance. Our focus is protecting your business.

Your General Liability insurance coverage from Solar Insure provides your business with liability protection against claims of injury or damage made by others against you or your employees.

Tailored to Your Business

Our General Liability insurance package offers core business coverage designed to cover your critical operating exposures. We also bundle important protection into optional packages tailored to your specific business model.

We offer key coverages for a fraction of the price you would pay to purchase them individually. Here are some examples.

Premises and Operations Liability

For injury or property damage occurring on your premises or arising out of your business operations, Premises and Operations Liability coverage offers insurance protection for claims made against your business and its employees.

Products and Completed Operations

When a product you designed, installed or sold causes an injury or property damage, Products and Completed Operations coverage offers insurance protection for claims made against your business and its employees.

Personal Injury Liability

Accusations of libel may arise from written publications of your material, while slander accusations can occur from verbal statements made by you or your employees. Personal Injury Liability coverage provides insurance protection for claims made against your business and its employees for allegations of injury, other than bodily injury, arising out of your business endeavors.

Medical Expense

Medical Expense coverage provides insurance for bodily injury caused by an accident on your premises or because of your operations regardless of negligence. This is a “goodwill” coverage in case one of your customers is injured on your premises or at your off-site operations.

Advertising Injury

In today’s electronic world of blogs and social media, Advertising Injury coverage is essential. Advertising Injury coverage provides insurance protection for claims of misappropriation of advertising ideas or business management style, or infringement of copyright, title, or slogan. It also provides coverage for allegations of invasion of privacy and wrongful entry and eviction.

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