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    SolarInsure - Insuring the Alternative Energy Industry

    Solar Insure is a full service commercial insurance brokerage firm with a passion for renewable energy specifically wind and solar energies. Our customers range from large solar manufacturers & suppliers to smaller solar/wind contractors.

    Solar Insures goal is to maintain the loyalty of our clients and to grow our business by providing high quality products and exceptional service and support. Our purpose is to help our customers identify and obtain the best insurance coverage solutions that will protect their business and profits from unwanted risks. Establishing successful partnerships with our alternative energy clients that support the goals and interests of both parties is of utmost importance. The success of Solar Insure will be measured by our clients' willingness to choose us because they believe in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations with regard to service, commitment, expertise and price.

  • SolarInsure welcomes the opportunity to audit your policy and show you exactly how we differ from other insurance brokers. For this no-obligation audit, please send us an email by using our contact form, and we will contact you shortly.

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