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Solar Panel Warranty Claim

Solar Warranty Claim

File a Claim

All claims must be submitted within 60 days of service work being completed. Please complete the form below with all the required information as we can not process incomplete forms. After you submit your claim, you will be given a reference number that will allow you to check the status of your claim at any time.

Please allow 7 business days for a warranty specialist to finish processing your claim. Please note, that if you are an installer partner we may also request additional information.

Prior to filing a claim, please make sure the following has been completed:

  • The homeowner has a registered warranty

  • The service work has been completed

  • The RMA has been filed (in the case of component/panel failure)

  • The work order has been completed

If you need help filing a claim, please contact our claims department at

(714) 625-8204 or email us at

Download the Solar Insure Claims Guidelines

Click Here

Need more help on filing RMA?

Enphase RMA Help Page

SolarEdge RMA Help Page

Generac RMA Help Page

This claim cannot be processed until the work has been completed. If the work has been completed, please change the "Has the work been completed" field to "Yes"

Photo Uploads

For us to evaluate this claim, please share photos of the repair or replaced part. We require at least one upload in this section but can accept up to four photos. If you have more photos, feel free to add them to a document and save as a PDF.