Log onto the Solar Insure Platform

Use your username and password to login at https://demo.solarinsure.com/. You can review a high level fleet monitoring summary directly on your home dashboard.

Navigate to the Monitoring Tab

Here you can see a prioritized table with statuses for your entire fleet. Filter out the noise and triage effectively with Solar Insure’s Monitoring Alert Prioritization, a three-tiered system that classifies the severity of monitoring system alerts.

Click on any Row to see Site Details

Drill down to the site level to see production and consumption summaries, current power production, and component details.

Review Production History

See production and consumption data trends as a bar graph or line graph.

Check the status of Components

Check the current status of every component device to make sure the system is functioning as expected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Solar Insure Monitoring.

Currently, Solar Insure Monitoring is specifically tailored for installers, offering a comprehensive monitoring view of solar installations with a focus on efficient fleet management. This exclusive tool empowers installers to optimize their monitoring workflows and ensure the smooth operation of solar systems. For homeowners seeking more in-depth insights into their installation, monitoring apps provided by most component manufacturers are available. These dedicated apps allow homeowners to closely monitor and track the performance and data of their solar systems, providing them with a personalized monitoring experience.

No, Solar Insure Monitoring is currently just a triage tool that helps installers optimize their fleet management workflows. Although Solar Insure is developing out-of-platform reports and notifications, they are not available at this time. Installers must regularly log into Solar Insure or their manufacturer’s monitoring portals to stay on top of system issues.

No, Solar Insure’s monitoring dashboard is not intended to completely replace a manufacturer’s portal like SolarEdge or Enphase. It provides a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s health across multiple manufacturers, but for more detailed information, remote troubleshooting, or filing an RMA, you can easily navigate to the manufacturer’s portal using direct link buttons within Solar Insure’s platform.

Installers are responsible for resolving any monitoring issues identified on the Solar Insure platform for their fleet of homeowners. It is recommended to file an RMA with the inverter manufacturer first. After performing the service, installers can be reimbursed for their labor and truck rolls above what the manufacturer’s warranty pays through the Solar Insure claims process. In the case of insolvency or an extenuating circumstance, Solar Insure will step in to find a suitable service provider.

Installers can file a claim on Solar Insure’s online claims portal

Once a warranty is registered on the platform, Solar Insure automatically connects the homeowner’s site to monitoring within two weeks. However, in certain circumstances, such as when the inverter manufacturer is not integrated with Solar Insure or if data permission have been denied at the homeowner level, access to monitoring data may not be possible. Currently, only qualified sites are connected to Solar Insure’s monitoring data. We expect to connect the majority of systems by the end of the year.

Yes, Solar Insure has plans to expand its manufacturer monitoring coverage and support additional inverters on the AVL list in the future. If you work with manufacturers beyond SolarEdge and Enphase and would like to grant Solar Insure monitoring access to assist with troubleshooting and overseeing monitoring issues for homeowners with Solar Insure warranties, you can submit your monitoring access credentials using the form available at https://www.solarinsure.com/fleet-monitoring-login.

Solar Insure pulls data from the integrated inverter manufacturers every 3-7 days on average to update an individual site on the monitoring dashboard. Despite the weekly update frequency, monitoring remains highly effective in ensuring optimal performance for your solar fleet. This approach allows for timely identification of any issues or anomalies, enabling proactive maintenance and maximizing system efficiency. Rest assured, Solar Insure’s monitoring provides valuable insights even with weekly updates, empowering you with the information needed to make informed decisions and maintain a well-performing solar fleet.

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