Login Credentials for Solar Insure Fleet Monitoring

Solar Insure is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our installer partners and their homeowners. We understand that not all manufacturers have integrated monitoring capabilities with our platform, and that’s why we offer the ability for installers to submit their monitoring access credentials for these manufacturers to our internal team. This enables our monitoring experts to troubleshoot and oversee any monitoring issues on homeowners with Solar Insure warranties, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you’re an installer working with manufacturers beyond SolarEdge and Enphase, please fill out the form below for each manufacturer you work with to grant us monitoring access.


  • Fill out the form below for EACH manufacturer you work with that is not currently integrated with Solar Insure’s platform. For example, if you work with both Generac and AP Systems inverters, you’ll need to fill out this form twice.
  • Include the monitoring access credentials for the manufacturer. These will typically include login credentials and any necessary API keys.
  • Click submit and our internal team will process the request and reach out to you with any additional information or next steps.