Core Values


  • Mission Focused All team members play an active role in driving innovation and promoting a healthy environmental initiative.  By being mission-driven we are able to identify the impact we want to make daily.
  • Respect and HumilityBy practicing Humility and fostering a respectful environment, we are able to strengthen our team dynamic and solidify quality communication among peers.
  • Freedom and Autonomy – We encourage each employee to present their ideas, provide feedback, and take ownership of their projects. We implore our staff to always use their best judgment while keeping the company’s best interest top of mind. Mistakes are inevitable but we find this value encourages our staff to turn every mistake into learning opportunities.
  • Transparent, Open, and Honest CommunicationSolar Insure promotes honest, truthful, and transparent communication between all teams. This allows us to listen and learn about the alternate perspectives our colleagues may have. Ultimately, a multitude of perspectives encourages well-rounded decisions which help reinforce our company’s mission.
  • Initiate and BuildAt Solar Insure, we are empowered to take bold and thoughtful actions and hold ourselves accountable for delivering results.
  • AdaptabilityWe encourage all staff to be open to change. The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly. Therefore, our company must be open to accommodating new policies and regulations.  By demonstrating adaptability we are able to provide excellent service to homeowners and partners alike.

About Solar Insure


Solar Insure strives to institute our core values daily. We find that promoting a culture that encourages autonomy, honesty, and respect has allowed us to foster strong relationships among staff.  We continue to work towards making our environment a hallmark of high performance in our industry. We are constantly learning ways to improve our team dynamic and appreciate your interest in joining our team.

Our team is composed of a multitude of dynamic individuals. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment, fun staff, and exciting new projects Solar Insure welcomes you to apply.