Jan 20

3 Easy Ways Installing Solar On Your Business Will Save You Money

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If you’re on the fence about installing solar on your business, there are some great examples out there of how American businesses are using solar installation to save money on the market today. In 2015, Walmart was at the top of the list for commercial solar installation with a total of 348 installations of solar panels at 142 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

Walmart isn’t alone when it comes to commercial solar installation. Companies like FedEx, Apple and Verizon are also utilizing solar installation to further their business goals. Once a lofty “Green idea”, these major corporations are showing how installing solar on your business can be a viable part of your business strategy to improve your bottom line.

How Solar Installation Can Save Money for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Major corporations like Walmart are benefiting from commercial solar installation, but can it work for small and medium-sized businesses as well? Of course, one would assume that giant companies can afford a “luxury” like solar installation while smaller companies with smaller budgets cannot afford to make such an investment.

But the reality is, commercial solar installation holds even more promise for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) than ever because of how much money they will save. And the smaller your operation, the more you need to save money.

3 Ways Solar Installation on Your Business will Save You Money

Here are a few ways commercial solar installation will decrease your monthly electricity costs:

  1. Cheaper Installation. More than 99% of businesses in the U.S. are small and medium-sized businesses (or SMBs). Some commercial solar installation companies now cater to SMBs by offering affordable installation. With large installations, solar installation companies hire subcontractors, which takes longer and ultimately costs more money. By using a company that uses its own local networks, crews and technology, small and medium sized businesses can possibly reduce the cost of commercial solar installation by more than 30 percent.
  1. Reduced solar installation costs. In 2015, SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) conducted research showing commercial solar installation has reportedly decreased over time. With declining solar installation costs, there are now more opportunities for small and medium- sized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of this green technology.  Solar Installation offers 3 main forms of commercial installation: rooftop arrays, ground mounts and carports. The type of solar panels best for installing solar on your business depends on the type of business you have. (For example, rooftop arrays work best for retail businesses). Today, companies are making smaller, lightweight solar panels that cost less to make and to install, therefore costing less for the small business owner. This also allows workers to install panels much faster, significantly reducing installation costs.
  1. Scaling. In the past, commercial solar installation companies were only able to service corporations on a large scale, making it unaffordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Today, these companies have innovated ways to serve small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on a smaller scale.

Scaling down these services has proven to be very cost-effective for SMBs, who have another concern: Space.

While companies like Target have large rooftops on their facilities with unused square feet for solar panel installation, Walgreens has opened the door for small and medium-sized businesses whose facilities are smaller and have limited rooftop space for solar panels. Walgreen’s stores also have limited square feet but in 2015 they installed 85 smaller commercial solar installation systems at retail locations nationwide.

Walgreen’s success has proven that these smaller systems work and can now be scaled down for companies with less surface area on their rooftops. One SMB solar panel company uses their patented solar panel system, ZS Peak, that is lightweight and lets SMBs fit 20 to 50 percent more solar panels on each roof surface.

These smaller solar panels cost less to manufacture and to install, therefore costing less for the small business owner. This also allows workers to install panels much faster, significantly reducing installation costs.

Learn how to afford cost-effective solar installation for your Small business today

With the Summer just getting started, sun rays are stronger than any time of the year (although solar panels are effective all year round). If you’re a small and medium-sized business looking for cost-effective ways to save money, solar installation is now available to you, too.

Go here to learn more about the ins-and-outs of installing solar on your business or make contact with a local solar panel installer in your area with any questions you have today.