Commercial Auto

Downtime for your commercial vehicles is more than an inconvenience—it’s lost profit. That’s why our commercial auto coverage and service get you back on the road fast.

We know what you really want is to keep your vehicles on the road

All the services Solar Insure offers are designed around convenience and speed for you–not us. And our unique coverage offering is competitively priced. So we consistently offer the best insurance value around.

Our coverage really covers
Many customers find our basic policy so complete that they don’t need additional coverage–rare in standard policies. Your agent will go over specifics.

Find it easier to do business
We add third parties, like your vendors or clients, to your liability coverage automatically which makes it easier for you to comply with their contracts.

Help protect your employees
If employees use their own vehicles for your business, they and their vehicles are covered for liability when accidents or injuries happen on the job (subject to other primary insurance.)

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