Feb 04
Solar Panel

Solar Renewable Energy

Solar as a source of renewable energy is an extremely effective and efficient energy source.  Photovoltaic cells convert light from the sun directly into electricity.  The term photovoltaic comes from the Greek term “photo” meaning light, and “voltaic” meaning voltage.  In 1954 Bell Labs dicovered that photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity.

Photovoltaic Cell Construction

Photovoltaic cells are similar to transistors except for the size. Individual cells are polished, interconnected, and mounted in a frame, creating a PV module

PV Mudule Lifespan

Module manufacturers generally provide a written guarantee for 20 – 25 years for there solar panels.  Solar cells are fragile and to protect them from damage and weather, the cells are bonded to a special tempered glass surface and sealed using a strong backing material.

Energy Generation

A grid-interconnected renewable energy system will have a positive impact on your electricity bill as well as the environment.